Reversible lightning cable is reportedly not coming with iPhone 6, but you can buy it now

Yesterday we showed one redesigned charging adapter image that is much likely to come up with next generation iPhone 6. But a new report, via MacRumors, says that Apple would not launch any reversible lightning cable on September 9. This report is sourced at, a MFi certified vendor that is continuously working with Apple over the development of lightning cables. They say:

We are informed by the Official Manufacturer of Apple that the new Reversible USB Cable will not be released together with upcoming iPhone 6. Apple fans will not be able to get the MFi version of this revolutionary cable from Apple this year but that is not the end of the story. 

We love the new design and we believe many Apple Fans out there feel the same. We have already spoken with the manufacturer and we are Officially Licensed with the Patent of the reversible USB design. We are now ready to start production anytime and we are now accepting Pre-Orders on the new MFi Certified Reversible USB Lightning Cable. The Cable will be produced by the official manufacturer of Apple and MFi Certified by Apple. 

Yes, you got it right. That newly designed charging adapter is almost confirmed to come up with iPhone 6 but don’t get sad for reversible lightning cable as you can pre-order it on a full note of pre-order details) or you can even buy it right now, HERE(

Also, we would like to show you how this combination of reversible lightning cable and redesigned charging adapter works. Take a look: