Reversible lightning cable video showed up, can connect and charge an iPhone

We now have a good sense that supports the presence of Apple’s new reversible lightning connector that can connect to the USB port in either way, no need to follow a single direction. To add to this, we know have one video to show you. Before this new video, watch out the above image from same source. The USB side of the cable is connected through either way. In this new video, uploaded by Sonny Dickson, the reversible lightning cable is exposed in full. Take a look:

But stop here! We have already seen those reversible cables in HD shots. What’s new in this report?¬†Yes, yes! We are now coming to the point. Not only this reversible cable is exposed in full but also, one more video by 9to5mac is indeed showing you that iPhone is getting¬†charged, no matter which way you connect it to your USB hub. This new video shows you that this new, upcoming Apple’s reversible lightning cable is inserted in to USB port of a PC in both way and yes, either way is charging the iPhone. Watch it:

Reversible Lightning cable video showing iPhone getting charged