Samsung explains Exynos 5430, the processor embedded on Galaxy Alpha

After launching its first metallic Galaxy Alpha smartphone, Samsung has revealed the power of its Exynos 5430 processor that was embedded on that premium looking phone. This new processor has 4 cores of Cortex-A15 at 1.8GHz combined with four cores of Cortex A7 at 1.3GHz, making it a powerful new oct-core SoC. Not only the processors, this new Exynos 5 Octa will also add high resolution viewing experience on your mobile device. This new SoC is ready to support WQHD(2560×1440) and WQXGA(2560×1600), combined with various new adaptive hibernation display technologies. You mobile’s screen can also be taken to some UHD televisions through HDMI interface. Samsung, on battery aspect, says that this new Exynos 5430 will help you consume 25% lesser batteries as compared to others. This new reduce battery consumption got possible by the help of 20nm low power High-K Metal Gate(HKMG) which saves good amount of power and also has various other performance advantages. READ MORE