Samsung Galaxy Gear 3 will be coming with Note 4 at IFA Berlin

Samsung to all set to reveal its upcoming Galaxy Note 4 which will reportedly be coming with a premium looking body that would not be a complete polycarbonate pack. Along with this new Note 4, Samsung will also launch a new Galaxy Gear 3 that will be running Tizen OS(rumour) and will also have its very own cellular connection. The source has also added a 1.8″ ┬ácureved AMOLED display covered with sapphire. There are some chances that this new Gear 3 would also be able to operate via S-Pen.

Galaxy Gear 3 will also have a much improved battery to keep you on for days. Samsung will also bring some different straps accessories with this. Also, the folks behind this source are likely to reveal its hands on video very soon, before the official launch.

Stay Tuned!