Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to come with 4Gb DDR3 RAM?

After the launch of most awaited smartphone, Galaxy S5 by Samsung, here comes one new news lineup which suggest that next add-up to Note series i.e Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might get equipped with these new advanced 4GB DDR3 RAM using 20-nm process technology. These new technology is widely used in computer systems and now they could roll back in the upcoming Note 4 which, seen from past, will roll out in the end of this year.

4gb ram samsung note 4

Samsung says:

Samsung’s modified double patterning technology marks a new milestone, by enabling 20nm DDR3 production using current photolithography equipment and establishing the core technology for the next generation of 10nm-class DRAM production. Samsung also successfully created ultrathin dielectric layers of cell capacitors with an unprecedented uniformity, which has resulted in higher cell performance.

With the new 20nm DDR3 DRAM applying these technologies, Samsung also has improved manufacturing productivity, which is over 30 percent higher than that of the preceding 25 nanometer DDR3, and more than twice that of 30nm-class* DDR3.

In addition, the new 20nm 4Gb DDR3- based modules can save up to 25 percent of the energy consumed by equivalent modules fabricated using the previous 25 nanometer process technology. This improvement provides the basis for delivering the industry’s most advanced green IT solutions to global companies.