Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad Sorry Potter

Samsung Taiwan has posted new commercial for Samsung Galaxy S4. Surprisingly this Galaxy S4 ad doesn’t aims to the rivals company; the story here is totally different. Samsung has pointed Harry potter to show galaxy S4 Air-swipe feature. This ad named as “Sorry potter”. The ad shows the Hogwart’s like class room where a girl shows the magic with the phone. She plays music, announces weather just with an air swipe.

galaxy s4 ad

Well this feature is good to use if your hands are not free or your hands are dirty and you don’t want to spoil the screen of your phone.
This ad also shows camera features like dual shot that means you can use front facing camera and rear camera at the same time and eye tracking feature. Eye tracking features works like – till you are looking at the screen the video will play and it pauses when you start looking in other direction. The front facing camera tracks your eye moment.

Enjoy the video: