Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with 64-Bit chip and 4GB RAM?

After 3GB RAM in Note 3, can we see Samsung Galaxy S5 with 64 Bit Exynos true octa-core chip combined with 4GB of RAM? Yes, we could if this rumour is authentic. A korean site named has reported all these things. This website is a representative of Korean media so we can somehow trust this info. The 64 Bit architecture chipset from Samsung will be termed as Exynos 6 chip which is rumoured to have true octa-core chip. The worlds first phone to have a 64-bit chip is iPhone 5S by Apple which is regarded as the fastest phone till now in benchmark testing. But iPhone 5S was only having 1GB of RAM combined with dual-core A7 chipset by Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Exynos 6 Chip

samsung galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy S5 will indeed come with a 64-Bit chipset as we have seen various sources giving this piece of information. The device is expected to arrive anytime in the initial months of next year i.e. 2014. Stay tuned for more confirmation of 4GB ram thing!

via- SamMobile