Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature Eye Scanner?

Another new thing coming to the Smartphone is Eye scanning feature. Like we recently have finger print scanner featured in iPhone 5S and HTC now Samsung is supposed to be coming with Eye scanning feature which will have the ability to unlock your Smartphone and can be used as a security purpose. AndroidSaS Samsung is rumored to introduce this technology in its upcoming device Samsung Galaxy S5. No other Smartphone manufacturer company has used this feature till now, so, if the rumors proved to be right then Samsung will be the first to come up with eye scanning feature in Smartphones.

galaxy s5 eye scanner

Though there is no official announcement of this feature from Samsung. Apart from this, there were also rumors that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be powered up by 64 bit Exynos 5430 chip with 16 MP camera which will have OIS and will perform better even in low lights. Earlier a report, predicted that Samsung will refresh its flagship Smartphone offering sooner than expected. The report suggested that Samsung has been preparing to launch the Galaxy S5 Smartphone in January due to disappointing Galaxy S4 sales. It cited internal sources and informed that the Galaxy S5 is likely to be announced as early as mid-January, with a market release expected to take place in February.