Samsung Note 3 compared with Note 2: Images

Today one japanese name RBMEN has leaked out some alleged display panel images of upcoming Samsung Note 3 which clearly shows that design side of the phone has been change, leaving aside the curves on the sides. The side edges looks more like present Sony Xperia series phones. Image showed up is having grey coloured component which confirms a colour availability. Samsung Note 3 is rumoured to have 3GB RAM. Note 3 will be launched on 4th September at IFA 2013 in Berlin. Images:

samsung note 3 images


Smartphone industry never sleeps. Every new day gives us different news. As IFA 2013 is just at the door, and many of the awaited phone are ready for the launch, there are lot more leaks and rumors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, leak shows 5.7” screen with high resolution photos. Though we still haven’t received any phone of the packed handset seems like Samsung succeeded in keeping the secret.

This leak is provided by some source in Samsung’s supply chain in china. These are just screen yet to get assembled. So what we know from these pictures is that Galaxy Note 3 is little bigger than Note2 and it might look somewhat like Samsung Galaxy Tab3.

samsung note 3 images samsung note 3 images samsung note 3 images

Samsung galaxy Note3 is coming with 5.7” AMOLED screen with Qualcomm snapdragon 800 SoC chipset. If we see the looks it’s not that fascinating two other Smartphones are coming in a way with almost same features and better looks. And we talk about Sony’s Xperia Z1 it will have triliminous display. Well there’s going to be tough competition. September will be welcoming new Smartphones let’s see who stands where.