Samsung Note 3 to be launched on 4th September?

Seems like rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy Note III are going to be true. Everyone expected that it will come near by IFA 2013, so, according to Korean media, Samsung Note 3 to be launched on 4th September, just two days before the IFA 2013. Though this is also a rumor.

Samsung will also unveil its smartwatch which is called Samsung Gear along with Note III.
Recently we had a story on leaked specs of Note III through its internal’s leaked picture which says:

  • 5.7 inch screen( may be different screen sizes)
  • 1080p AMOLED display
  • Android 4.3
  • 13 megapixel camera
  •  2.3Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 for Europe/Asia
  • Samsung Exynos Octa 5420 processor for other regions
  • S pen

Note III is also supposed to have Eye tracking technology, in form of Eye pause and Eye scroll may be somewhat similar to GS4.

Samsung Note 3 to be launched on 4th September

Rumors are that it will come in different version for different regions. Probably Samsung will launch the entire version on the same day.

Now if we talk about the Samsung Gear, it is like the Sony’s smartwatch. Apple was also in the news for its upcoming iWatch. As Samsung is planning to launch its Gear with Note III then may be both have some kind of connectivity.