Samsung officially unveils Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo

Samsung has officially launched two new Galaxy Gear smart watch named Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, the same trend they followed in Galaxy Note 3 series. Galaxy Gear 2. The division is mainly of camera i.e Gear 2 is having a camera on the top of its premium body while Gear 2 Neo doesn’t have any camera which makes its cost somewhat lesser. These devices will be running Tizen Operating System, no galaxy branding this time. The battery backup has increased significantly in both of these Gear devices if compared with old Gear watch.

galaxy gear


The right one with premium gold and silver finishing is Galaxy Gear 2 and those 3 models starting from right, orange, brown and black belongs to Galaxy Gear 2 Neo family. Now lets briefly explain both of them. Both of them are having same dual-core 800MHz processor along with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal memory. All these hardware are also combined with 300mAh battery which would be as good as to provide 2-3 days battery backup. This time samsung has also added the camera and the mic thing on the body of the Gear smart watch and camera also performs much better than the previous generation Gear. Both devices let you receive incoming  calls, messages and notifications from your supported Galaxy smartphone, Don’t worry! Samsung will add tons of supported devices this time. The home is hollowed at the middle bottom of the device which really looks cool. Both are also having infrared( to control your TV and set-top box), IPV6 certified water-resistant capabilities and both will keep you healthy by monitoring your heart rate with in-built heart rate sensor.

Now, the differences

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

galaxy gear 2 galaxy gear 2


Galaxy Gear 2 is there to attract you in Gold, Charcoal and Orange colour, this device weighs just 68 grams and is capable of capturing 720p HD video with its 2MP camera on the front. Yes, thats the only difference between the both. The camera add-on makes this device a bit heavier than the Gear 2 Neo .

The Galaxy Gear 2 Neo

galaxy gear 2 neo


galaxy gear 2 neo

Galaxy Gear 2 Neo is the lighter model of Gear 2 which would not be able to capture your photos and videos, this device is also lighter  than the upper model due to the absence of camera over its body. Samsung has added one more colour to this i.e Mocha grey, replacing the Brown colour in Gear 2.

There is no official wordings on the price tags for the both but both will start shipping from the initial week of April 2014. Stay tuned for pricing info!