Samsung Smartwatch: patent shows flexible display

Samsung Smartwatch

Samsung Gear –a so called rumoured Samsung Smartwatch, which is expected to be launched on 4th September with Samsung Galaxy Note III , might be ahead of IFA 2013 as reported by Korean media, is now rumored to have flexible display. Though the name GEAR is yet to be confirmed.

The Korea institute of Patent Information has awarded Samsung with the patent. The model no. of the device in the patent is SM-V700 which gives some details regarding the Smartwatch. You should know that this Model no. of the patent is same as it was rumored before. Generally patent doesn’t have product’s model no. and yet we don’t have any proof of this news being true. Because rumors are rumors till it gets confirmed. Anyhow we will let you know what this model no.SM-V700 says.

samsung smartwatch

According to the Information the Model no. reveals that the smartwatch will have:

  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • USB port
  • Back and menu button
  • Last but not the least a Flexible display

You can see the concept image tagged by  sammobile where you can see these features listed.

samsung smartwatch samsung smartwatch samsung smartwatch

As we are aware that Samsung develops its own screen for Smartphone and other device so including a flexible display in Smartwatch is a wise deal.

The SM-V700 model no. was found in Indian Logistics Website which proofs that Samsung is shipping its device for R&D purpose. We are also very much aware of Apple’s new iWatch, which has not confirmed its launch date yet. So it seems like Samsung is taking the advantage of the situation and trying to launch its Smartwatch before the iWatch to capture the market share. Its not like they will launch the first Smartwatch, Sony Already did which was not a success so we hope that Samsung will offer something more and will fulfill our expectations.

A rumoured video explaining the design of Samsung Smartwatch: