Samsung working on true octa-core processor

Samsung working on true octal core processor

As the news revealed that Media tek will be making its first true octa core processor, Samsung also seems to be geared up.

Samsung has used Exynos octa processor but only four cores were working at time now after the Media tek news we had news about Samsung’s true octa core processor.

samsung true octa core processor
Till now we know that Samsung is using Exynos octa core. Yes, octa core but totally different story. Samsung used the. big LITTLE configuration which divides the 8 cores in two part- four cortex A7 which is of low power and is used for menial task and another four high power Cortex A15 for demanding function that means only four cores work simultaneously.
Media tek used the. big LITTLE MP which means multi processing and here we can use all the 8 cores simultaneously.
But we have to wait for now because Samsung has not yet announced the release date. May be it comes with Samsung Galaxy S5 next year.