Shh.. TAG Heuer smartwatch might roll out very soon

May be TAG Heuer got some vibe to launch its new smartwatch in some near future time point. This could be because of the growing trend of the smartwatch. Moreover, they said that this upcoming smartwatch will never get a Apple Watch type design, rather they will be bringing some new stuff with their very own creation.

Jean Claude said:

“We want to launch a smartwatch at TAG Heuer, but it must not copy the Apple Watch,” as “We cannot afford to just follow in somebody else’s footsteps,”.

One should also note that in some early interview, the head of this company also mentioned his hate towards some smartwatches developed by Pebble, Samsung, Sony etc. He said:

“They look like cheap, plastic-designed watches. In the luxury category, we work on every detail for crafted value. When I see the smartwatch, it’s interesting, but in terms of design, it looks like a cheap wrist computer. There’s not one that makes a great connection.”

So, one should not expect a “plastic-designed” smartwatch from them. May be some premium type metallic smartwatch is on its way.

Stay Tuned!