Someone is already using Nexus 6 after riding his bicycle

Upcoming Nexus 6 device, to be made by Motorola, is rumoured to roll out by the end of this month but somebody is already using it after/before riding his bicycle. We have already seen its technical specifications but now, let’s talk about the design. One can easily see its side metallic wrappings that also shows lowered volume and lock keys. On its top, you can easily observe 3.5mm audio jack hollow use to connect earphones. Take a look:

nexus 6

On its specs side, Nexus 6 will feature a very new 5.9″ QHD display along with Snapdragon 805 processor combined with 3GB RAM. It will reportedly get a new OIS based 13MP camera on its rear panel and 2MP camera on front(to capture selflies). We would also like to point towards its top left logo, blurred in this case, is likely to be Motorola’s M like logo.

See this logo spotting HERE

Stay Tuned!