Spigen shows 3 different colour variant of iPhone 6, all covered up

With the upcoming release of iPhone 6, our affection is not allowing us to wait till September 9. Every iPhone fan who is waiting for bigger iPhone is all aware of its design. But, have you seen it on 3 different variant one over other, just like the way Apple shows it after launch? Spigen will now give you a glimpse of that. With all 3 different colours i.e. Gold, Space Grey and Silver, you can easily choose between them. All these are covered up with some cover made by Spigen. They also added one video showing how to cover up the clone model of iPhone 6. Until now, we know how the camera lens would look like and these original looking shots are following the same pattern.

iphone 6 iphone 6

All those covers are made up by considering the leaked design of iPhone 6. They now have various covers and cases which will help you protect your iPhone 6. Take some time to watch video showing iPhone 6 cover up process, they are very accurately designed: