Steve Jobs introduces Wi-Fi to the masses

Steve jobs introduces Wi-Fi to the masses.

Keynote conference 1999, Steve jobs introduced iBook3, first consumer device to carry WI-FI connection. This was the time when WI-FI was being introduced to the masses for the first time.At that moment he said ‘‘everyone’ would jump on the 802.11 bandwagon in the next few months/years. “We’re just going to be there first, and the best,”Steve jobs introduces Wi-Fi to the masses.

Job moved around the crowd with the iBook and was continuously opening web pages before that the audience was not aware that he was surfing through a WI-FI connection.
He demonstrated the wireless capabilities through Hula Loops.

Video clip:


Lucent Technologies collaborated with Apple to create the wireless capability in the iBook G3 as well as the Airport Wireless Base Station that was released at the same time.