Suspected Google tablet spotted on FCC with too small LG battery

Let’s say bye to IFA 2014 and “Hi” to this new suspected Google tablet. A tablet that represents Google’s FCC ID has been spotted that revealed some small aspects of this device. According to this new leak, Google’s upcoming tablet will come loaded with some LG’s tiny little battery which measures 2,480mAh. Yes, one 2,480mAh Li-ion battery that roughly equals to the New¬†Moto X’s 2,300mAh battery. Along with that battery, this new listing also shows on Nvidia Tegra processor boosted inside. See:

google tablet


This new leak shows 7-inches as the size of this suspected tablet which never matches up with “2480mAh” thing. Even previous generation Google Nexus tablets have better battery capacity than this one. There’s no other info. available for this new tablet but will be covering it very soon.


Stay Tuned!