These are some real reasons that will permit you to buy Xiaomi Mi3

What is this Xiaomi? Some chinese food that might replace momos? No, its not like that. Xiaomi is one of the fastest emerging mobile company that will provide you with some of the incredible features in a mobile device without vibrating your pockets. Yes, they are doing this. We have seen Xperia Z Ultra, we also bought Xperia Z1 for around Rs 32,000 or $520. Don’t stop! LG G Pro 2, LG G2, NEXUS 5 and even Nokia Lumia 1520, they all have one thing in common. You are right, its Snapdragon 800 system on chip(SOC) along with 2GB of RAM. Even Note 3 LTE is also running on same processor but it is having 3GB of RAM. So, this chipset is making all these devices selling for $500 price tag or Rs 28,000(approx.).

Now let’s speak for Xiaomi (Chinese pronunciation is “Shao-Mi”). They have launched there very first mobile device in India, named Xiaomi Mi3. It was exclusively launched by Flipkart, an Indian e-commerce website that now on $1 Billion mark. It is not that simple as it seems like. Folks behind Flipkart asked everyone to pre-register for this device because they will only be having some limited stocks available on the release date or the day on which you can order the product. More than 1,00,000 users registered for this paid giveaway. And still, they are in waiting queue to buy Xiaomi Mi3.

Being a company that is from China, we Indians do enquire before buying anything from them. We got some genuine reason out here which will make you feel very comfortable before buying this *Shao-Mi Mi3* or Xiaomi Mi3.

REAL reasons which will make you buy Xiaomi Mi3

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1) WHAT, is it some Chinese stuff with no warranty at all? No baby, you got it wrong.

Let me explain you what all are Chinese mobile device. Actually, we all take it wrong. For-ex, Micromax! This smartphone company is from India but people say they make chinese devices. They consider all those devices which runs on MediaTek processors, are chinese. Let it be dual-core, quad-core or MediaTek’s latest octal-core, all are chinese in there terms. Thats not chinese! They all are (mostly) on Android but the chipset used is developed by MediaTek, a china based company which reduces the cost of the device. We have also seen Sony Xperia C running on one of the MediaTek’s chipset, so jump in your street and start shouting” Xperia C is a chinese mobile phone”.

Now, the very first and important reason that you should buy Xiaomi Mi3 immediately, is that it is boosted with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 system on chip! This is the same chipset that was used by LG, Sony, Nokia, Samsung etc. to develop the most powerful Android devices of some time. Snapdragon 800 SOC along with 2GB of RAM is enough to run lag free HD games like Asphalt 8, GTA San Andreas etc.

2) But I need some great build quality! STOP. Its actually better than Nexus 5.

Xiaomi Mi3 is having a plastic cum anodised aluminium-metal like back chassis which is always giving you a far better experience than what you had for Nexus 5 . Nobody can say a bad build quality product, because we have already used it for 10 days. Everybody likes it. Although a bit slippery with single hand usage, but you should always hold a 5-inch device with proper hold! You have spent Rs 14,000 or $230 for that, how can you be so irresponsible.

3) What about camera, is it actually 13MP? Yes, you can check that by clicking!

The best part of its camera is its auto focus. We really love that. You can also use tap to focus, both works like charm. But, you need to apply some manual settings before using its camera. Applying manual settings will make it more Awesome! We have also used it under dark, it wasn’t that bad to buy under this price tag. Dual LED flash improved our dark experience. Selfies are also permitted here, they will make you more cute or hot.

4) Display is what we want. Again, its Full HD display with 440ppi! Amazing..!!

You will never ever find a full HD display(1080p) under this price tag. We have already played tons of videos over here and all were mind blowing. Go out and try to find any other device with full HD display under this price tag. Don’t leave, you will not be able to locate any.

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5) Battery? *Please Edit*  Its BAATTEERRYYY!!

We know it is having Full HD display but it is also having 3050mAh battery inside which will easily give you more than 1 day usage even a hardcore usage. We played, we clicked, we surfed, we called, we facebooked, we WhatsApped, and we did every possible thing on 3G network and in the night we were left with more than 30% of battery.

6) What about UI and Android? For a change, its native UI is pretty cool!

Xiaomi Mi3 is not only hardware giant, it has also got a brilliant and unique UI that is running on Android KitKat 4.4.2 out of the box. We unboxed it and hoping for some old and bored lock screen to come up after the setup but a big NO! The lock screen was pretty cool. After the lock screen, we were also impressed with the inside UI that was brilliantly tweaked with some special effects that too can be edited in settings tab.

Xiaomi Mi3


7) We are impressed , what about service and support? They are actually expanding!

They have already said this:

We are looking to provide the best in class experience to our Mi fans in India. We are starting with 36 service centres across top 20 cities with two exclusive Mi centres in Delhi and Bangalore”. We have used Xiaomi Mi3 and yes, they are innovating the price tags.