Windows 9 notification center demoed in this new video

Microsoft is all set to unveil its next generation of Windows Desktop platform and before that, we have named it Windows 9. Earlier we showed you one short video which showed the new start menu of this OS in action. You might have learnt about various new features of Windows 9 start menu. But today, its the new Windows 9 notification center that got demoed in a brief 2 minutes video. The UI of this new notification center looks really in favour of user. This new notification center is more smarter now.

Leaked Video Shows New Windows 9 Start Menu

It will now tell you:

  1. All those ballon notification on this new notification center, be it from anywhere.
  2. Any external port when gets occupied will be notified here only.
  3. Even the operating system messages will displayed here.
  4. Erase all those unwanted notifications one click(one by one will also work here).
  5. Your Skype notification, memory full pop up everything is just here.
Windows 9 Notification Center Video:

Microsoft is rumoured to announce Windows 9 at the end of this month. Till then, Stay Tuned!