Windows smartwatch is not too far, suggests Windows 8.1 GDR1 update

With this new era of wearable devices where device might soon replace our wearable clothes, is there anything made by Windows for its mobile platform? Yes, this new thing does suggest that. A developer, named Jeremy Sinclair, who was going through the source code of Windows 8.1 GDR1 update that was rolled out to developers, earlier today has found an API which suggests some upcoming smartwatch which would be capable of receiving or making phone calls, will pop-up some reminders along with an option to snooze or dismiss the alarm along with an option to make video calls. Check this:

windows smartwatch

However, these API’s are not found in the native SDK but they were in hardware manufacturers, suggesting some other manufacturers like Pebble will be developing a smartwatch that will be compatible with Windows Mobile OS.

What do you think this new, upcoming Windows Smartwatch will be like? Will it be a good rival for iWatch? Do comment!