Xiaomi’s 13$ fitness band, Mi Band, set for sale on 18th August

The world’s cheapest fitness tracking band, developed by Xiaomi, has now assigned with a sale date. Xiaomi Mi Band will go on sale on 18th of August. With a price tag of CNY79 or $13, this magical fitness band will help you overcome various aspects of your life. Xiaomi Mi Band comes with sleep tracker, fitness tracker, IP67 certification, Bluetooth enabled and an amazing 30 days stand by power.┬áThe sleep tracker will alarm you when you are oversleeping, the fitness tracker will better guide you on your running, walking and various other movements. Not just this, you can also use it under water to track your swimming movements because it has IP67 certification, making it water resistant.

Is there any connectivity option which through which my mobile can be connected to this? The answer is Yes, until, for now, you have Xiaomi mobile device available under the limited bluetooth detectable area. Moreover, you can also unlock your Xiaomi mobile by the help of this Mi Band. All these features are packed on a device which can remain on stand by mode till 30 days without even charging it in-between.

Want one? Order it HERE on 18th of August, ask some courier service to provide you some virtual address in China and after shipment they will deliver to your doorstep, no matter in which country you live.