Alleged Moto X+1 fully exposed in this new leaked video

Motorola is coming up with 4 new devices on 4th of September and one among them is Moto X+1. Today, an alleged Moto X+1 got full exposed in a short 5 minutes leaked video. According to this leaked video, the “Motorola” logo on rear panel has been proved as the new power button of device. The new button would be customisable, you can select any one of your choice from┬áMoto Maker. The next thing which TkTechNews was able to spot was the plastic tube that was covering the camera lens. This new camera lens has been allocated with 2 spot like flash lights on its circumference region. They also allegedly confirm the presence of OIS feature of its camera.

The source has also shown the front panel of this white coloured Moto X+1 device. On its software side, they have located on Moto Aware app that was named as “Moto” only. This alleged Moto X+1 was having around 3-4 sensors on its front panel that might bring some 3D like effects that we saw on Fire Phone, may be better than that.

The Moto X+1 used in this video was exclusive from Verizon Wireless. The device will be available in different materials Such as Aluminum frame, Wood, Plastic, Leather, Denim, and yes a later edition will be ALL CARBON FIBE”.