An app to download ringtones on iPhone/iPod: Klingelring

An app to download ringtone on iPhone/iPod: Klingelring

Unlimited ringtone downloads

Klingelring is not comparable with other ringtone apps on App Store. There is not only convincing fast downloads and the huge selection of ringtones, but also the simple GUI and operability of functions.

You can download unlimited ringtone on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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                        iphone ringtone downloadiphone ringtone download


iphone ringtone download


Search a song and then download as simple as that. We can also take a look at its feature once.

-Large selection of ringtones
– High quality ringtones
– All ringtones for free
– Fast & secure downloads
– HTTPS connections
– Intelligent tagged music
– High quality album arts
– Unlimited and no ads
– Convert own music library with one tap
– Convert music library although if the music is on iCloud.
– No manual song cut needed
– Found 10 / 10 songs as HQ ringtones

A short video to check the app follows: