Apple App Store no longer virus-free?

App Store Virus:

As we all know that all the products made by Apple are indeed virus free and Apple security guys always give there 100 percent satisfaction for data security. But just now Technology Review reported that some researchers have uploaded a malicious app on the AppStore which was already containing some unverified code. When any user installs this app , this piece of code becomes a remote malware which can actually harm iOS device by collecting the personal user data. We have already seen dev centre being down for a week due to some other hackers attack on it and now its App Store. What is happening?

The actual report follows:

The app did a phone-home when it was installed, asking for commands. This gave us the ability to generate new behavior of the logic of that app which was nonexistent when it was installed,” says Long Lu, a Stony Brook University researcher who was part of the team at Georgia Tech, led by Tielei Wang, that wrote the Apple-fooling app.

App Store virus