Apple’s A8 chip gets benchmarked

Apple has already unveiled its next generation of iPhone but they never provide any official detail about the insides of their custom “A” series chipset. So, benchmark results are the most authentic source that can explain about iPhone’s inside. Today, Apple’s new A8 chip got GPU benchmarked at Rightware’s Basemark X. According to this new result, A8 chip has got 1.4GHz dual-core based Cyclone processor combined with some other GPU. This GPU could be PowerVR GX6650, via AnandTech:

apple a8 benchmark

apple a8 benchmark


A┬ábig “combo” under 64-Bit architecture has scored 21204.26 points. One should also note that the previous generation iPhone 5S with A7 chip had scored around 20253 in the same test, so that doesn’t bring any big update to its GPU side. May be something better inside its new CPU.

Stay Tuned! We have more benchmark results, coming very soon.