BlackBerry now says BBM for iOS and Android is just days away

We got a good news for guys waiting to download BBM on their iOS and Android devices. BlackBerry CMO has just stated that BBM for iOS and Android is just days away ( source: Reuters) and we can see official BBM on both devices anytime maybe in this week only. Handful of lucky guys were able to download BBM on their iPhone by changing their store country to New Zealand and in a day’s time, that app was officially removed by the BlackBerry.

Frank said, the unofficial version of BBM which was available for Android users was interrupting in availability of the real and official app. The Apple App Store received the app on a regional basis, but after 1.1 million people downloaded an unofficial version of the Android flavored version of BBM. BBM is a messaging App available for blackberry users only and now blackberry is diversifying in Android and iOS platforms


bbm android ios release date

We even had a leaked app of BBM on PlayStore which was running and stopping may due to lack of server configuration from BlackBerry side. Boulben even added that they are already having 6 million pre registered users who have already signed up in order to be the first to download BBM on iOS and Android. Okay, so there is no official launch date till yet and we recommend you to stay tuned for further updates. There are many other messaging Apps which are very popular like WhatsApp but BBM has more functionality. Once released, it will get super response. Hope this time Blackberry doesn’t ruin it up