BlackBerry Passport is easy to fit in your pocket, in-line for singapore launch

BlackBerry is likely to re-build its era of smartphones with its upcoming BlackBerry Passport. Full exposed in a short video that we showed you earlier, this report will focus on its portability issues that certainly comes in all those great minds that have seen this beautiful device. Do i need to buy a particular case to hold it in my hands or will it gonna fully reside in my pocket? A new report by n4bb shows this device going fully inside the pocket of some guy. The device was not fully inserted into his pocket so as to give you a proof that it is easily going inside. No matter whether its a tablet or phablet, it will be fitting in your pockets but you might need one Bluetooth Earpiece to make it more comfortable while receiving a calls.

But what about the release date? This amazingly crafted BlackBerry Passport is around the corner, confirmed by ourberries . The The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) allowed the entry of this new Passport device in Singapore with a codename BlackBerry SQW100 which is indeed BlackBerry Passport. Take a look:

blackberry passport

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