Some cheapest phones meant only for WhatsApp use

Have you just lost your smartphone and now you want a cheapest WhatsApp phone that will only run the WhatsApp messaging service? Almost everyone out there faces this type of sudden shock in his or her life. Don’t you worry child, we do have a plan for you. WhatsApp has know become the most demanding app for any smartphone and if your smartphone is lost, we will help you buy one cheapest “only phone” that can run WhatsApp on it. Not only WhatsApp, these devices also support GPRS connection. You can even browse the internet with these devices but with too small screen. So lets discuss some of the phones and then you decide your cheapest WhatsApp phone.

Select your cheapest WhatsApp phone

Let’s take them one by one, starting from the cheapest:

1) Adcom X9

This is the first mobile phone in our cheapest Whatspp phone list. You can buy Adcom X9 for Rs 950 only. Yes, that’s insane. But don’t expect any new updates or something like that for this device. Adcom X9 comes in 2 different colours viz. Red and Black. X9 is a dual sim mobile device with 1.8″ of TFT screen. It is also having a 0.3MP camera to capture images. One should consider this “camera” as a real camera. Adcom X9 is also GPRS and Bluetooth enabled. For entertainment, you also get FM radio, music player and also a small video player. Also, you can add your micro-SD card in this device. All this is packed over a single 1000mAh battery that is more than enough to keep you alive for days. And, this device also has 1 year manufacturer warranty.

cheapest whatsapp phone


2) Adcom X28

The second one in our exclusive list is Adcom X28. Its actually the bigger brother of Adcom X9. With dual sim support, a bigger 2.8″ QVGA Screen and a better 1.3MP camera on rear, this device also adds the native Facebook app along with WhatsApp. In terms of connectivity, it is Bluetooth and GPRS enabled. You can also add a micro-SD card inside this device. You can buy this silver coloured device only for Rs 1,450. This device also comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

cheapest whatsapp phone


3) BQ K80 (rich touch-screen lovers)

The third one that we have in cheapest whatsapp phone list is from BQ. Its BQ K80. With a 3.5″ capacitive touch screen and 1.3MP camera on the rear, this phone can help you do more than using WhatsApp on it. With unknown processor and 128MB RAM, it will go very smooth with WhatsApp. They have also added various games like Angry Birds etc. in it but don’t get angry while playing it, that will never go that much smooth. K80 is also GPRS and Bluetooth enabled. BQ has also added 128MB internal storage along with a micro-SD card slot. These hardware configuration is packed on a single 1800mAh battery. BQ K80 is priced at Rs 2,000 and comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

cheapest whatsapp phone


4) Karbonn A50S(Fellas, its an Android Jelly Bean device)

The fourth and the last one is Karbonn A50S, the cheapest Android device with dual core processor, 256MB RAM and 3.5″ TFT HVGA display. A50S comes running Android Jelly Bean v4.2.2 out of the box. WiFi is also added along with the Bluetooth and EDGE connectivity. This dual-sim android phone, that has obvious WhatsApp support, is having 2MP camera on rear supported by single flash light. It has also got a 2GB internal memory along with a micro-SD card slot. Karbonn has also added a G-sensor in this device. All these things are packed on a 1,100mAh battery. What about its pricing? Is it around Rs 5000? No, ITS ONLY FOR Rs 2,700.

cheapest whatsapp phone

That’s all in our list. We hope you will find your cheapest WhatsApp phone by reading this article. Bye and BUY.