Get iOS 7 feel and features on older iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G

Are you having an older iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G device that doesn’t support iOS 7 update? No worries, Whited00r team has come up with something called custom firmware that is used to bring tons of new iOS 7 features in these older devices without compromising the speed of your iDevice. Not only the iPhones, but also some old generation iPods(iPod 1G & iPod 2G) are supported here.

Whited00r’s custom firmware will also bring multitasking, Siri, video recording, new UI lock-screen and various new additions to older iPhones. This custom firmware is fully based on iOS 3.X.X. It will also enable latest version of Cydia and AppStore on iDevice.

iPhone 6 Plus is also having 1GB RAM

They say:

Whited00r 7 brings the look and feel of iOS7 to older devices no longer supported by Apple. Our firmware has been engineered to replicate iOS7 down to the smallest detail. Whited00r’s first priority is speed. None of the modifications Whited00r makes to your device will slow it down.

Whited00r includes Amazing iOS7-like Push Notifications on the Lockscreen with blur-effect and banner alerts. Touch on the Notification to open the corresponding application. Whited00r also allows you to enable Push Notifications on an unlocked iPhone with a simple Graphic User Interface in Settings that will automate the whole process.

The current version of Whited00r is 7.1. Further updates will provided via OTA through Cydia.

Full Instructions HERE