Gionee again teases world’s slimmest phone, thinner than Gionee S5.5

Gionee is one of the china based smartphone company that always bring some innovation through it smartphone. Gionee Elife E7’s camera and Gione S5.5’s slimmest body design, both are actually a part of innovation. To innovate more, Gionee again teases the world’s slimmest smartphone that will be slimmer than S5.5(5.5mm). Chinese sources have already predicted that this new G9005 aka the next generation slimmest phone by Gionee will have 5mm or may 4.9mm thickness. Moreover, this new device will also get a Gorilla Glass screen, But HOW? Even we don’t know how they would deliver this.


They have shown a historic list of slimmest smartphones that have launched since 2007. Moto V8 was the slimmest device at that time. In 2010, the mighty iPhone 4 grabbed the slimmest design. Later in 2011, Moto XT910 became the slimmest one. In 2014, S5.5 is the slimmest phone till now. Lastly, there comes another one by them that will be released in near future and would become the slimmest mobile phone among all.