Google Nexus 6 Indian price to be Rs 42,999?

Google has finally unleashed its Snapdragon 805 powered, Motorola made Google Nexus 6 and we now have one report for its Indian price tag. In States, it would roll out for $649 plus taxes(sim free version) while in India, one tech blog named has reported its Indian pricing will be Rs 42,999. Of course it will be the costliest “Nexus Phablet” but one wouldn’t expect it be that much expensive.

iGyaan says:

According to our source at Motorola, the Google Nexus branded Moto phone will be available later this year for a whopping price of Rs 42999 for the 32 GB variant. The Nexus 6 is also expected to go on sale by the 11th of December, however with the past track record of Nexus devices in India we can’t be too sure. Granted that for a QuadHD display and Snapdragon 805 one would be willing to shed out that much, the Nexus 6 however has not been Google’s best attempt at making a budget flagship. Which was the case with devices like the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5, which were essentially cheaper variants of their expensive counterparts, i.e. the LG Optimus G and the LG G2.

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You all are already familiar with Google Nexus 6 design, better see this packaging from T-Mobile:

nexus 6 india price

Google Nexus 6 comes loaded with 2.7GHz Quad-Core based Snapdragon 805 processor combined with 3GB RAM. This “extra piece of RAM” will be more than sufficient to provide an intense multitasking experience. It does have a new Adreno 430 GPU to better your gaming experience on the sweetest Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system. On its camera side, Motorola(plus Google) has provided 13MP camera with OIS technology and on its front, it has 2MP selfie shooter. Google Nexus 6 has got 6″(5.96) 2560×1440 QHD display to enhance your multimedia experience. This phablet has been equipped with 3,220mAh battery under its hood that will be good not great(due to high resolution and bigger display) for normal 1 day usage.

What do you think about Nexus 6 Indian price? Kicking or Picking for Rs 42,999? Do comment.

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