Google Now launcher will bring Nexus 5 skills to few devices

Google Now Launcher has been launched by Google on its official Google Play. Google Now launcher grants you a permission to say “Ok Google”, no matter where you are scrolling right now, and then all the services which were there in Nexus 5 will be yours. This launcher directly comes from the native code of Android which gives your device a new user-interface with tons of features added. However, there lies one cache here! Not all devices running Android can get this. This launcher is initiated by supporting only Nexus devices or Google play devices which are on Android KitKat but a future release might become possible for others who are on HTC or Samsung devices or any other device. (non-google play edition).

Google Now Launchergoogle now launcher

This is what Google says on Google Now Launcher:

Upgrade the launcher on your device to make Google Now one swipe away. From your primary home screen, swipe right to access Google Now cards that give you just the right information, at just the right time.

DOWNLOAD HERE (Google Play Link)



Even the other device users can also try downloading Google Now Launcher with this direct download link, it is working on Moto X (via droid-life), just give it a try and leave a comment.