HTC One 2 (2014) will have micro-SD card support

As we know that the first generation of HTC One announced in early 2013 was lacking a micro-SD card support which gave a big shock to its users.  HTC noted this particular point and now HTC’s President for South Asia, Jack Yang, says “expandability is the key”, which means your HTC One 2 would definitely support a micro-SD card slot to expand its storage.

Yang also told CNET that the company will be realigning its marketing campaigns and will be focused on tailoring to the individual markets globally as well. For example, in the U.S., the company will still compete in the high-end space, while in the Asia Pacific region where Yang is focused on, the strategy will be different depending on the country.

htc one 2

Leaving this micro-SD slot aside, we expect HTC One 2 will have a improved fingerprint scanner on its back, a very first introduction to Snapdragon 80X processor with 2.5GHz or may be 2.26GHz combined with 3GB RAM (if they ask you not to buy Galaxy S5). The 4MP UltraPixel is also expected to get updated this time with some more advanced feature in it.

Stay tuned! We have lots more to bring you before the official launch!