iPad Air 2’s outer shell shows added Touch ID, buy it before official launch

All of us now got a brief glimpse of iPhone 6, leaked several times before its official launch, but no single word for upcoming iPad Air 2 or may be an old series iPad 5. Today, we are displaying some images of upcoming iPad Air 2, actually it is not running any iOS on it, rather its a mock-up without any Apple logo on its back but it is having a not do surprising fingerprint sensor on its home button which Apple named it as “Touch ID”. Current leaked photos suggest that this gold variant is likely to more colours, as iPhone 5S is having. Take a look:

ipad air 2 ipad air 2 ipad air 2


ipad air 2 ipad air 2 ipad air 2


Also, you can buy these outer housing for 29,800 Yen ~ $292.

Stay tuned,we are back now!