iPhone 6 is already entering India market from China, base price to be Rs 47-50k?

It seems like Apple wants to surprise Indian customers with a sudden iPhone 6 launch in India. We have exclusively spotted some iPhone 6 listings on Indian import/export portal that shows iPhone 6, in Silver and Space Gray colours, getting imported over Delhi Air Cargo base. That could be some local retailer importing from US? NO! These devices are coming directly from China. The price per unit 16GB iPhone 6 is shown Rs 40,539 and iPhone 6 64GB is around Rs 46,776. Don’t get happy, these prices are without any profit by retailers, its just the landing cost of iPhone 6 without any applicable tax. So, one should expect iPhone 6 16GB to cost around Rs 50,000 while 64GB could come up with a price tag of Rs 55,000.

iphone 6 india

The total no of imported iPhone 6 were 10 for 64GB and 50 for 16GB model. Also, we haven’t spotted any iPhone 6 Plus in this import/export place. That further supports the delay in iPhone 6 Plus launch, even Apple is having some limited based stocks of that.

Some date in between mid-October is likely to welcome this new iPhone 6.

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