Leaked back panels of Moto S and Droid Turbo showed up

Motorola has been rumoured to launch various new devices before the end of this month. Let’s add Moto S and Droid Turbo in rumour hit list. We have now got the leaked back panels of Moto S and Droid Turbo. One can easily spot “Verizon” logo which ultimately confirms its exclusive carrier launch, the same that happened with last year’s Droid Ultra. This new Droid Turbo is rumoured to land up with 5.2″ screen and a dual dot-like flash beside its camera lens(Motorola calls it Ring Flash). One can also expect the same dual front speakers in this device as the back panel is not having any speaker grille.

Moto S/Moto Shamu benchmark result

The second image(white) gives a brief glimpse of alleged Moto S. Remember Google Shamu device with 5.9″ screen, all showed up in one leaked benchmark score? You are already predicting it. Its bigger back panel, in comparison with New Moto X, is indeed hinting towards 5.9″ screen. Those two hollows are not of duo camera(HTC One), rather the first one is for camera and other would be for Moto logo.

And yes, this leaked Moto S could also become the next generation Nexus device.

Stay Tuned!