Leaked images of Note 4 along with its killer specifications

Samsung is one among the leaders of phablet developers. With its AMOLED screen and incredible stylus support, the Note series is always make out some innovations. The only thing which users never liked about Samsung is its polycarbonate material on the back panel. Against this came Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with a leather look alike material covered over plastic, gave satisfaction till some area. But, we are supposed to get quality products if we are losing our pocket space.

To recover this situation, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is arriving on September 3. According to this new leak by GSMArena and some shots from PhoneArena, the next Note lineup will indeed look premium from every angle. These images also confirms the presence of matte colour which further makes Note 4 a more metallic device. We know, this is the first time you gonna love this rumoured design. Take a brief look:

note 4 note 4 note 4 note 4

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

You just got a shock? Stay calm and lets talk about the specifications. The upcoming Note 4 is reported to get 2.5GHz Snapdragon 805 CPU boosted with 3GB RAM and another variant will get Exynos 5433 processor that will have 2 quad core processors, exclusively made by Samsung for limited countries.

Note 4 is likely to get the much anticipated QHD or 2K (AMOLED) display which would measure 5.7-inches, we can call it a “phablet”. On camera side, it will get a 16MP camera on rear and 5MP on front(rumoured).

Samsung is likely to increase its battery size due to QHD display. Note 4 will also work inside your swimming pool with same power as it works over the ground due to its water resistant technology. So no problems while clicking some images of your fishes inside your aquarium.

Samsung will also add some incredible features in its upcoming version of S-Pen. All this will come running over Android KitKat v4.4.4 with a future update of Android L.