New Beats Solo2 with Bluetooth connectivity is Apple branded

As we all know that Apple has kept Beats Audio with them so we might gonna see some new music accessories coming along with next-gen iPhone. The announcement of next-gen iPhone is still away and till then, we might see a new Beats Solo2 with Bluetooth connectivity, all Apple branded this time. Yes! this new Beats device has been revealed by FCC(Federal Communication Commission), reported by 9to5mac.

beats solo2 apple

They say:

Apple is specifically listed as the creator and tester of the new product, and the Apple brand is even stamped on the packaging of the product. The documents also reveal Apple’s request for confidentially for the testing

While the new headphones have hit the FCC today, there is no indication for when an actual/official launch is planned. We also don’t yet know colors or pricing, but given the substantial markup on the existing wireless Beats headphones, they will be pricey.

These are some FCC paperwork reported by the same source:

Stay Tuned!