Nokia X launched in India for Rs 8599, a bit overpriced

The most awaited Nokia X is now launched in India for Rs 8,599, which is a bit overpriced but will definitely gonna attract a good audience in India. This new Nokia X is the entry level model of Nokia X series, hope to see Nokia XL soon on the track, which comes with dual-sim card with dual-mode enabled. This new Nokia X is the first Nokia phone which supports Android apps in Windows style, we will discuss this later in this very post. Now in terms of hardware, Nokia has given 1GHz Dual-Core S4 processor by Qualcomm combining it with 512GB MB of only RAM with just a single 3MP camera on its rear. We also got a full specification table of this Nokia X in our Mobiles section, do check it.

Now, on what OS is this smartphone running? Let us explain you. For the very first time, Nokia has added an AOSP(Android Open Source Project) in its Nokia device which means that this device is not having any Google Play Store rather this Finnish giant has added there very own Android Store which will have about 70% of Android apps, the top ones only. They have also not followed any Android UI trend rather they made a custom tile like user-interface, inherited from Windows tile like UI. Also, instead of Google Play services like Google Maps etc. they added there own Nokia made services like Hotmail and Nokia Maps.

There is no official wordings on the launch date of Nokia X+ and Nokia XL but expect it by the end of this month.