iPad AiriPad Air

iPad Air

A new iPad has been launched by Apple, yes its not iPad 5, its iPad Air. The device just got thinner from the sides and better from insight. iPad Air now comes with a A7 64-Bit chip along with stunning 5MP iSight camera, same battery life and more powerful GPU. This the first time Apple has changed the name of iPad. This iPad comes in two different colour variant i.e. Silver White and Space Grey. However there is no rise in the price of this iPad.

ipad air



Apple even claims that this iPad Air is 20% thinner the previous generation and 28% lighter than the iPad 4. Amazingly designed iPad ever. ipad air



Now take a look what this 64 Bit A7 chip is capable of!

ipad air


ipad air

NO DESKTOP REQUIRED!! Apple also claims up to 8X better GPU performance than the iPad 4.


Smart Covers

Apple is also offering a new smart cover for the same device at just 39$, take a look:

ipad air