Samsung Gear Hands On

Yesterday at the big event Samsung announced its two new products- Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung GEAR. Samsung Gear hands on has been a point of curiosity for everyone. Though, leaks said much about this before. But when Samsung officially announced its Smartwatch yesterday everyone was amazed. So if we start with the look we can say that it’s something different than usual Samsung thing.

All Samsung Gear hands on images via phonearena

samsung gear

Yes this time Samsung has not used plastic – it’s a metalpeice supported with rubber wristband which include the metal clasp. If you hold the smartwatch it will look bulky and you will thing that it might feel heavy on your wrist but you are wrong here. Gear is light on your wrist it’s heavy and bulky looks is just because of the mechanics needed to make this simple and amazing thing.

samsung gear

Now if talk about specifications, it has 1.63-inch 320 x 320 Super AMOLED display. The display, which we have seen in most of the Smartphone. The screen is glossy and hopefully that works against the sunlight too.

It’s a touch screen and it’s simple to use .You have to simply tap the screen to dive into an app or select an option, swipe down from the top bezel to go back and swipe left or right for other screens.

samsung gear

Coming to the processors, Samsung has backed up this device with 800 MHz processor and 4 GB of in built storage, how much more you can expect from this small device?

Talking about camera, yes, this device has camera too. 1.9 MP camera with BSI sensor it can take video clips at 720p display with 640×640 VGA resolutions. This is packed up with an app which pre installed in the device is called Memographer. Yes this pixel doesn’t let you have a good quality images or rather it is not made for that. It’s for the convenience not for the quality.

samsung gear

Battery back up- it is powered with 315 mAh battery which we can say, if not so good means it will stand just for a day. Other than these features there is a speaker, microphones, built in dialer etc.

This smartwatch is paired with Galaxy Note 3 for now but I will include more galaxy device with which it can be paired.

If you pair this with your Note 3 you can perform following functions through this watch.

  • Receiving notification
  • Accepting calls
  • Locate your Note3 with the help of find my phone app
  • Can ring or vibrate your phone

From 25th September this device will be on sale in almost 140 countries in the world at a price $299. This device can function without pairing it with Note3 but that is limited and if you are thing it will work with other Smartphone, means other than galaxy then we have a doubt on that. So now its up to you that if this device worth your $299