Share files between iPhone and iPad: BitTorrent Sync

bittorrent sync

BitTorrent sync is now available on AppStore which features transferring of media files and work files in between iOS devices like iPod ,iPhone and iPad. In july, they launched beta version and now the final version is headed towards the AppStore. Bit torrent sync can transfer unlimited files and is available for free. Official report by BitTorrent follows:


BitTorrent Sync is a free, unlimited, and secure way to move big files and big ideas across your devices, and between the people you work with. In July, we launched aBeta version of BitTorrent Sync with Android mobile capabilities; one of the most highly requested features from our user base. Today, we’re happy to report that BitTorrent Sync is available for iOS devices in the App Store. iOS fans: you can now sync freely.

Sync makes moving big files between devices simple. Use it to remotely backup photos from your iPhone to your laptop. Use it to send work projects to your iPad at home. By the way, Sync as much as you want: there are no size caps or secret pricing tiers.