Omate X is an affordable $129 smartwatchOmate X is an affordable $129 smartwatch

Omate X is an affordable $129 smartwatch

Omate, a Shenzhen based company, has officially announced its new affordable smartwatch named Omate X. This new smartwatch is a bit affordable than the earlier Omate Truesmart, the new affordable model will just pull $129 from your pockets. After paying 129$, you will indeed get an incredibly designed, rectangle like smartwatch whose strap are also removable.

Omate X is having a 1.54 ” 240×240 resolution curved LCD display that is embedded on a single 400mAh battery which company claims to provide you approx. a weeks battery backup. This device can be paired with iOS 6+ devices as well as Android 4.3+ devices making it a true competitor of Pebble smartwatches.

After connecting this smartwatch to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, you can use it as a remote to change your the song that is being played on smartphone. Omate X will also notify you for every message and incoming call you receive. You can also track the current weather details, your social network updates, change wallpapers and also, the clock pattern is customisable.

You can pre-order this watch on Omax’s official website starting September 1st and they will start shipping this device from the month of October.


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