Take a look at this 25$ Firefox smartphone demoed in a video

Always wondering to buy a cheap mobile which can take you online on Facebook, gives you enhance browsing experience and plays a good multimedia for you? There are lot’s of smaller screen phones loaded with older version of Android but they actually starts from 50$ which is cheap but not that cheap. To solve this problem, Firefox has came up with a new game changer mobile which will provide you all the above mentioned features just by taking $25 from your resistive pocket, loaded with there very own Firefox OS.

25$ firefox

Curious to know about some of its specs? Okay, So this 25$ Firefox mobile is having a 3.5-inches 320×480(480p) touch screen loaded with 1GHz single core¬†Spreadtrum chip with less than 512MB RAM. It also supports WiFi to stream fast YouTube video for you along with FM and Bluetooth connectivity, a dual-sim phone with dual mode standby. A 2MP camera will do enough in this price tag. Still scratching your head? Just see how this beautiful lady explains you about the 25$ Firefox mobile: (via Bloomberg)

25$ Firefox Mobile Demo

Stay tuned for more info!