There’s something more hidden inside the New Moto G except size increase and price fall

Motorola has finally unveiled its next generation New Moto G which is now bigger and somewhat cheaper than the old Moto G. We are happy because its “Moto G” not “Moto G2”. Moto G sounds really cool. We know you all have read its specs and most of you don’t consider it as a big update to the Moto G series. In one full year, Motorola has just increased its size? That’s all? You gotta read this and think again.

new moto g

New Moto G

Okay, so in India it has been priced for around Rs 13,000 that roughly equals to $205 whereas the earlier one(16GB) was launched for Rs 14,000 that again got for ~$225. So they have decreased its pricing just by keeping processor and RAM same, and increasing the screen size. Yeah, both have HD display.

Note: For US, 8GB model is priced at $179.99 and 16GB at $200

Ask yourself what Moto G is all about.

New Moto G is not a higher end smartphone, it has been developed for mid-range smartphone market. Except its screen size and lower price tag, it also got one 8MP camera on back and 2MP camera on front. The previous model only had 5MP on rear and 1.2MP front. Yes, that’s a good update for selfie lovers. But, both Moto G models lack 1080p video recording. Ignore if you want to make one Full HD short movie to show to the audience or accept it if you just want a normal HD video recorder that can record your friends and family footage. Believe it or not, HD video works great. Have you seen the front panel of this device? New Moto G now has 2 speakers on its front panel, one on the top and other on the bottom, so a better sound experience.

new moto g

New Moto G

What if it has same Snapdragon 400 processor with 1GB RAM, your multitasking experience will never be less on this processor. You can download some HD games(not all) and they will go smooth on this device. Moreover, you now have one micro-SD card slot plus Android KitKat, so you can install most of apps on your memory card as well.

It’s actually one of the best value for money phone that costs same $180 for its bigger size, better camera and better sound.

Don’t get away because of its battery capacity. 2070mAh is not an incredible one to go for but its enough if you don’t download stuffs for 5-6 hours on 3G. Under normal usage, it can go beyond a day use.

Would you now dare to miss this new Moto G? Hopefully, you would not.



Stay Tuned, New Moto G rocks!