These new images of iPhone 6 will help you dig out how much bigger and slimmer it got from iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 6 is just few days away to show up its public appearance and in meanwhile, we got some helpful stuff to show you. We got some new images of iPhone 6 (with protruding camera) in space grey colour that have been compared with iPhone 5 in every possible angle. We are not fully sure about the authenticity of these images but some minor alleged properties of this iPhone 6 makes us believe in it. If are having an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S with a 4″ of display and you are thinking to upgrade to the next generation iPhone 6, these images will help you predict whether it will go with your needs or not.

Let’s exploit your excitement for the upcoming iPhone 6(just saying, nobody can do this! You are always excited for iPhones).

Take a brief look:

1) Back Comparison

iphone 6 images

  • The first image gives a general comparison of iPhone 6 with iPhone 5. The rear panel of both the devices are compared. You can take a general idea of how much bigger this iPhone 6 would, just by virtually taking this grey coloured iPhone in your hand. Come on! Pull it out from the screen.
  • Take a look at the protruding camera. We will later show you what happens when the screen goes upside and this new camera goes down.

2) Sleekness compared

iphone 6 images

This above image shows how much sleek it would look from the side view. One can spot a major difference in thickness. And yes, more of curve edges.

3) Right Side View

iphone 6 images

iphone 6 images

  • Now in this, the full side thickness has been compared.
  • Don’t forget a newly placed home button on sides. The home button displacement is just to make it more handy, specially for small hands. If your finger can press the home button on the top of iPhone 5/5S, it will easily do the same in iPhone 6.
  • The length difference is clearly visible in zoom-out image.
  • Also, take a look at the sim tray. It is just got more thinner.

4) Left Side View

iphone 6 images iphone 6 images

Now, let’s get inside the left part(when screen is up) of these devices. Second image is a zoom-in version of first.

  • The sleep button is much thinner in this real looking iPhone 6.
  • Circular volume buttons are now longer, sleeker and much handy.
  • Again, your love for curved edges.

5) Top View

iphone 6 images

Here comes a big change in the top view. Please help that protruding camera, he cannot breath.

  • The first one is the most common observation at power/sleep button, it is no more on the top.
  • The camera seems holding the iPhone on the table. No idea about its protection.

6) Lastly, The Bottom View

iphone 6 images

Lots of observations:

  • One one speaker strip in the right side of iPhone 6.
  • It is having a bit more breadth wise space. Don’t worry! It is actually bigger this time, comparable with HTC M7.
  •  Opps..! Only one mic hole aside the audio i/o jack. (It will be as powerful as iPhone 5s’s mic)

How’s that? It you really liked these images and comparison, do share it!

Stay Tuned!