Want Galaxy S4 air swiper on your old android? Use this app- Air Swipper


These days’ Gesture-based controls are in trend. Some manufacturer has included this feature in their Phones like Samsung Galaxy S4 and MOTO X. But now you don’t have to envy those who have these phones with Gesture based control.

Independent developers have developed an app named AIR SWIPER which gives you almost same fun of using Gesture based control same as in S4 and Moto X. Air Swiper is developed by XDA forum member, helmans.


Air Swiper  Air Swiper

Air Swiper

This app works with the help of hardware like Bluetooth, accelerometer or proximity sensor.

The actions that can be performed by AIr Swiper without touching your phone are:
  • Sms control

Turn on screen on SMS

Open SMS by motion

  • Unlocking or locking device

Turn on screen by motion

Disable lockscreen

Turn screen off by motion

  • Sound control

Sound off on movement

  • Wireless controls

Turn on Bluetooth by motion

Turn on WI-FI by motion


Still this app doesn’t work same as those on Galaxy S4 and Moto X. more of it depends upon the ROM and compatibility of different devices. Developers are working to fix these bugs. This app is compatible with android 4.0 or above. So if your phone has proximity sensor and you want your screen to be safe from your dirty hands then this app worth trying once.