WhatsApp voice calling spotted on latest iOS version

Long running rumour chain has finally ended. WhatsApp voice calling feature is now officially spotted on its new iOS update. NDTVGadgets folks were quick enough to spot this new feature. They even managed to give up a small screen shot of the WhatsApp window. The new WhatsApp pop up clearly says:

“WhatsApp requires microphone access to send Voice Messages, record Videos with sound, make and receive Voice Calls.”

This pop up will not pop out if you have already granted Microphone access to WhatsApp under privacy tab. In order to make a voice call in iOS, Source say:

This pop-up will appear only if users have not allowed WhatsApp access to the microphone. To see this, go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone > WhatsApp > flip the slider to Off. Now open WhatsApp to find mention of the voice calling feature.

Finally, WhatsApp voice calling feature has come in the app. They do have some fast servers, may be voice calling will also go as smooth as the messages travels.

Thanks Facebook..!!

Stay Tuned!