Xbox One and PS4 release date confirmed

Xbox One and PS4 release date

An online e-commerce site named “Toysrus” just now started taking pre-order of upcoming Xbox One as well as Playstation 4 , the most in demand gadgets of 2013. After iPhone 5S ,these are the only two terms which are highly googled since a year. The e-commerce website has started taking pre-orders of both. The Xbox One is priced at £419.99 in the UK and the PS4 for £349.99.

PS4 and xbox one release date confirms

The website also mentioned the official release date for Xbox One will be 29th November and for PS4 it will be just after a gap of 2 weeks i.e 13th December. We also got some serious tech specs of both devices with head on head comparison. Lets start:


Play station 4 vs. Xbox one

xbox vs ps4 release date confirms


Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft Xbox one, two gaming console in the race. Both of them might be released at the end of this year but most likely we will get PS4 first. So why not compare these gaming consoles and make it easier for you to decide which one to buy. So here we go:

xbox vs ps4


Xbox one comes with Kinet 2 while Playstation comes with Playstation vita as a controller. Xbox one has awesome control you can’t get off your hands from. PS4 controller has same old analog/ d -pad which might play as a drawback.



Both the devices have 8 GB RAM with Playstation having GDDR5 and Xbox having GDDR3. Reports say that PS4 will require 5.5 GB of memory while Xbox One will require 5 GB of memory to run their respective OS. But this little difference really doesn’t matters much.


Second screen:

Playstation 4 has VITA second screen which is far better than Microsoft SmartGlass. Vita is packed as PS4 controller and with that there are plenty of features that can be explored in a gameplay which might not be found in Xbox One.
And if you take the example of Wii U you will know that second screen might have played much better in these gaming console ( PS4 and Xbox One).